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A free-ranging, conversational mailing by Tyler Lastovich. I have spent years writing without publishing. This is a project to get thoughts out of my notes and into the world –but I do hope you enjoy it!

If you ever have a question, comment, or hate what I said, please do let me know. I live for a little friendly argument.

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You will learn something. You might be entertained. I will cover a veritable menagerie of topics, polymath-style. From interesting concepts in education, happiness, investing, to honestly off-the-wall ideas. I am not trying to make this a professional enterprise, which hopefully should make it far more entertaining.


Life - I am passionate about undoing our current education system and encouraging those looking to improve themselves. While I am quite opinionated, most of my stances are enthusiastically neutral™. I don’t have a political party. Your causes are not my causes. Outside of a handful of issues, I promise you care more than me. 😁

Work - I try hard for this to be poorly captured in a tl;dr. I am a purposeful generalist who has worked in tech across supercomputing, mobile, web, AI, and content. Small companies are fun, and I have worked on, founded, or been around startups for my entire career. Context switching is my jam. At any given week I could be writing a long essay, designing a UI in Figma, or fine-tuning an ML model. Currently you can find me running a product studio called Lastly Studios and doing strategy work for AI company Generated Photos and Icons8. Check lastovich.me/now for the latest if you are interested.


Have fun. Get a little better. Be a little happier. Strive to be interesting.✌️
I will never have specific goals.

**Please consider all topics here opinions, not well-researched and planned topics. If I do repost a professional article, I will do so with added content.